by Dr Ehsan Jadoon

Melasma is a relatively common skin condition primarily affecting adult females of child-bearing age. Men, who have a genetic predisposition, can also develop melasma.

Melasma often effects the self-confidence and self-esteem of the individual suffering from it. In clinical practice, we often see patients who have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on non-medical skin products and treatments to fix Melasma but see little to no results.

What Causes Melasma?

Melasma is a multifactorial skin disorder. It is characterized by hyperactivity of pigment producing cells in the skin (Melanocytes) along with unusual anatomy of the micro-vascular apparatus of the dermis.  The exact aetiology of Melasma is still unknown.

There are several underlying contributory factors which may include:

  • UV Exposure (sun damage).
  • Genetic Predisposition.
  • Hormonal fluctuation.
  • Gut health and microbiome disorder.
  • People living in warmer climates with darker skin types.
  • Excessive use of make-up on the skin which can block skin pores.
  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking.

How to control Melasma?

Melasma is a very challenging condition to control. Currently there are no treatments known to medical science to fully eradicate melasma with 100% efficacy. Most treatment options are aimed at minimising or reducing the appearance of the pigmentation as much as possible.

Skincare Regimen to control Melasma

Only medical-grade, cosmeceutical skin products can effectively treat Melasma. Skincare products helpful to manage Melasma include:

  • High SPF Sun Protection (Sun Blocks)
  • Gentle Exfoliating Cleansers
  • Topical serums and creams with active ingredients to reduce skin pigmentation. This includes medically prescribed hydroquinone based topical products such as Kligman’s formulation.

Important: It is important to understand that skincare products for any skin concern, including Melasma have to be used regularly (as recommended by product usage guidelines) for optimum results. We recommend using the products for a minimum of 6 months and avoiding any triggering factors to see clinically visible results.

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