Freckles & Sun Spots

by Dr Ehsan Jadoon

Most people with fair, light coloured skin have varying degrees of freckles and sun spots.

Why do people get Freckles and Sun Spots?

Ultra Violet Solar Radiation (UV Rays) trigger the production of freckles and sun spots in the skin by stimulating pigment-producing skin cells known as the melanocytes.

How to control Freckles and Sun Spots:

  • It is important to seek expert medical advice for all skin disorders.
  • Eliminating or reducing any triggering environmental factors (mentioned above) is always the first step.
  • In-clinic treatments to treat skin pigmentation include Laser & Light Therapies and professional peels.

Skincare Regimen to minimise Freckles and Sun Spots:

  • Sun Protection (Sun Blocks)
  • Exfoliating Cleansers
  • Topical serums to brighten the skin and reduce pigment production.

Important: It is important to understand that skincare products for any skin concern have to be used regularly (as recommended by product usage guidelines) for optimum results. We recommend using the products for a minimum of 6 months and avoiding any triggering factors to see clinically visible results

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