Acne can range from pimples, whiteheads, blackheads to deep cystic lesions and scarring.

Say good bye to blemishes, by adding skin products that help control oil production in the skin, exfoliate impurities (to prevent dead skin build-up), and keep acne causing bacteria at bay (with anti-bacterial and pH regulating ingredients).


Multifaceted formulas with high concentrations of proven ingredients to restore the building blocks of healthy skin
Medical grade topical skin products to help plump up skin and target visible signs of aging at a cellular level.


Facial redness, flushing, visibly broken blood vessels and skin sensitivity can all be signs of Rosacea. Small, red, pus-filled bumps showing during a flare-up are the trademark of a true rosacea skin. Whether you are suffering from hyper-sensitive red skin or rosacea, it is important to treat your skin gently and avoid UV damage. Introduce new products slowly and carefully.


Pores can appear enlarged due to an excess of oil production and accumulation of dead skin cells. Normal ageing and excessive sun exposure can also cause the pores to appear enlarged.


Sun damaged skin always ages faster showing fine lines, wrinkles, textual changes and discolouration before its time. Medical strength skincare products containing antioxidants, and hydration agents is the key to treating sun damaged skin. Avoiding further damage with daily application of quality SPF is critical to prevent future skin cancers.


Hormonal hyperpigmentation (also called Melasma) usually appears during pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptive pills. It is always associated with sun exposure. Treating this condition is challenging. Long-term use of topical skin bleaching products and sun-protection is the key to minimise the appearance of dark pigment in the skin.

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