Healthy Skin Starts With A Professional Skin Consultation

Invest In Your Skin

Our online skin consultations give you the in-house cosmetic clinic experience virtually from the comfort of your own home.  This means you will get the top skin information, advice and education with a new understanding of what is causing your skin concern,  how cosmeceutical active ingredients can effectively target and treat your concern and a curated selection of skincare products which are highly regarded by professional Cosmetic clinicians in the industry.

Try our FREE consultation to give you an overview of your concern the the ingredients to treat it. HERE.

Or book in with our Dermal therapist for professional in-depth one-on-one consult to give you a skin regime and skincare products to achieve your skin goals. Valued at $50.00 Redeemable on product purchase. BOOK HERE.

Consultations will take roughly 15 minutes to complete. Respond to our list of simple questions such as how your skin is feeling, what are the targeted skin concerns you are wanting to improve and if you could have the ultimate skin what would it look like.


Simply answer our skin quiz and learn about your skin!

Not ready to commit to our paid consults? No worries. We offer a free mini version, offering you a quick overview of what could be causing your skin concern and the ingredients found in our products to offer you a solution. Our video zoom skin consultation provides a further in depth consultation with our professional Dermal Therapist to provide you a full list of skincare products tailored to your skin concern and an skincare regime to follow. Paid video consultations are redeemable back on product purchase,

$0.00 | Virtual via quiz | Receive Ingredient information to target your concern & an understanding about your skin concern.

Video Call Online Consultations

Our ZOOM online skin consultations are as simple as 1,2,3!

By purchasing our ZOOM online skin consultation you are going to receive professional skin advice with a new skincare regime and a list of product recommendations to start your skin journey. We will now be your personal Dermal Therapist. Simply purchase our consult here to be sent a quiz virtual form to upload photo imagery of your skin for our Dermal Therapist to get an overall in-depth understanding of your skin, your main skin concern so we can tailored the right skincare products to assist in achieving your skin goals.

You will receive professional advice from our leading team of dermal therapists who specialise in skin concerns.

We will then arrange a time to zoom video call you to arrange the consultation.

$50.00 | Virtual via ZOOM | Redeemable on product purchase

Needing more help with our online consultations? Please email us at We are here to assist you.

Here at My Skin Solution we offer cosmeceutical grade skin products containing active ingredients which for some ingredients, can only be prescribed by qualified dermal clinicians. These ingredients may be found in the supermarket but at low percentages with doesn’t mean they will give you the best results you have be after. The brands we sell online are trialled and tested with results that show.  While ingredients like Vitamin A (retinol) sound like the holy grail of anti-ageing and reducing blemishes, they are not always suited to everyone. These ingredients may not be suitable for you skin type and in rare cases can even cause skin reactions if used incorrectly. We also have alternatives to Retinol with the same results so you can ensure we will find the right skincare product for you.

With an online skin consultation we will be able to review which active ingredients that are going to work best for you with proper education on how to apply them to avoid your skin having a negative reaction as well as getting the best results out of your skincare to save you time and money.

Once your skin consultation has been completed, and you have submitted your virtual questionnaire, one of our dermal clinicians will contact you and provide you with an in-depth review of personalised selection of skincare products tailored to treat your concern along with an understanding of the active ingredients recommended and a skincare routine to give you the best results.

All consultations are confidential working under the supervision of medical cosmetic doctors.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. If you have a concern with your skin that you would love to change, let us help you understand what is causing your skin concern, the products that are best suited for achieving your skin goals and setting you up for a skincare regime for long term results.

With you every step of the way

Email, live chat, phone call or video call we are here if you need us.

We will provide a complimentary skin follow-up after your initial consultation to see how your results are going and if you have any further questions.