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Sensitive Skin

Discover our Expert Selections to target reducing the appearance of sensitivity, facial redness, to soothe and calming irritated skin with our range of REDNESS & ROSACEA Speciality Kits would work best for Sensitive skin, hand-picked by Dr.Jadoon. We have done the hard work to ensure the speciality kits are reflective in results at treating a range of targeted skin concerns. To make the shopping experience as easy as possible choose between the basics to start your skin care regimen or advanced your routine to our essentials and comprehensive kits. Selecting products to that work best together to maximise your overall results in anti-ageing, skin brightening, reducing acne and more. Using award winning brands and scientifically formulated products. See results within 4-6 weeks when used as per usage instructions. Our Speciality kits are designed with you in mind to give you the best results for any budget. Sensitivity Explained By Dr. Jadoon: Sensitive skin appears delicate and fragile. Generally reacting to a range of products applied with a tendency to redden easily. The use of mild products that are not overly stimulating and contain calming and soothing botanical ingredients are a great place to start when treating sensitive skin.
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